Do Bach Flower Essences cause a healing crisis?


We have been asked about this question a few times before. Personally, I have never had or heard about an adverse reaction to taking Healing Herbs Bach flower essences. At Healing Herbs we do not use homoeopathic methods of preparation and so there is not going to be the ‘curative response or curative crisis of homoeopathy. And since there is no active ingredient the flower essence does not introduce any foreign chemical substance as we see with allopathic medical treatments.

So, what is the question really about? I agree that the therapist can project ideas on to the client: “be careful when taking Crab Apple because it can cause an energetic discharge of the poison”. In my experience (of about 40 years) this does not happen. That is not to say that it cannot happen but there has to be more to it than just taking a Bach remedy. Perhaps the therapist invites the event in order to convince the client that a physical change is taking place. But Bach essences work on the emotional and mental level and so any physical change is one that the individual elects to make.

If I take Holly it cannot force me to stop being angry. Rather the Holly essence gives me the information that allows me to make a change in my behaviour. To that extent the remedy is just information, information which helps me to self-awareness. If I am resistant to change then there will not be any change.

It is as simple as that. 

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