How do I choose a Bach flower essence?

A  If you are new to the subject it can feel overwhelming. Many of the 38 Bach essences may seem to be appropriate. Alternatively, none of them seem to be exactly how you feel. It is okay – that’s part of the process of self-discovery.

It may help to think about the way that you react when faced with a decision to make: are you sure of yourself (Vervain ), or anxious that you will get it wrong (Mimulus ), or do you ask others and follow their advice (Cerato )? Or you could think about how you feel when unwell: do you prefer to be left alone (Water Violet ), look for support and care from family (Chicory ) or just struggle on (Oak ).

If you cannot decide, there are three Bach essences that can help: Holly , Wild Oat and Star of Bethlehem  is relevant if we are in, or have been subject to shock, alarm, surprise or grief. This might be thought of as a passive reaction to traumatic events. Holly , on the other hand, is an active response to traumatic events: 'I did not like that, it made me angry'. Wild Oat is the third because it says ‘I don’t know what is going on, I don’t know which way to turn’.

The idea here is that taking one of these three will lead to a discovery of where you are on the map of your life and that may help to indicate which other essences are most appropriate. 

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