Choosing Bach Flower Essences

Follow our step by step guide to choose your personal essence combination. 

Create your own essence combination using either the 12-7-19 method or choose from the 7 emotional groups.

Essence Selector

Use this tool to help you select the right essence or personal combination of essences you need.

Seven Emotional Groups Method

Choose the right essences for you by determining the emotional group you need. Each group is colour coded and will appear throughout the 12-7-19 groupings shown below.

Seven Emotional Groups

The 12-7-19 Method

Five Flower Remedy

  • i

    5 Flower Remedy 10ml

    For emergency and upset

  • i

    5 Flower Remedy 30ml

    For emergency and upset

Your Essence Selections

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How to use the Essence Selector

The Healingherbs Essence Selector is a tool to help you make your own personal essence combination.

You can use either the 12 - 7 - 19 Method or the 7 Emotional Groups. This selector links both methods together..

Your personal essence selection

After you have selected your essence combination it will be shown at the bottom of the page.

You may then obtain your chosen essences from the Healingherbs Direct shop  by selecting the "Add to my Basket" button, or you may email the selection to yourself or to a friend – this is useful to keep handy for re-ordering so that you don't need to remember your selections!

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