How to Use

Healingherbs’  traditional Bach flower essences are prepared in the field and preserved in full-strength French organic brandy. They should be diluted, and if desired, combined to make personal dosage bottles.

Up to five essences can be used in any one combination. 5 Flower® counts as a single essence and can be used in combination with up to four other essences.

To create your own personal essence solution, take an empty dropper bottle and add about 20ml of water.  Add two drops of each of your chosen essences*.  You can add a little brandy if you wish to preserve your essence combination. 

 (*These should be from an essence bottle clearly labelled Stock Concentrate which is an assurance that the essence is made according to the original directions of Dr Edward Bach.)

This is now your own personal remedy at dosage strength.  Take four drops from your personal dosage bottle four times daily.


Using Bach flower essences in daily life

Effective use of Bach flower essences needs each of us to approach their use consciously and mindfully.  We need to be aware of personal changes that occur and respond accordingly. 

Work with and explore the essences dynamically – everyone’s needs change over time, so your chosen essences will change too.  Trusting to our instinct and intuition is very important when using the essences. 

If you experience little or no change, go back to the essence descriptions and review your choices. 

As your responses change so too will your essence selection. It is possible to modify and adjust essence selection on a daily or even hourly basis if necessary.

Working with Dr Bach’s flower essences is a uniquely individual challenge.  The flowers hold a mirror to our emotional and psychological responses.  They help us to understand how we each respond to change and offer us a way to work with problems and challenges.  

Bach Educational Resource

Visit the Bach Educational Resource for detailed information and videos to help you learn more about Bach flower essences.

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Choosing Your Essences

Use our online selector to identify the right essences for your own personal essence combination.

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