Julian Barnard, who founded Healing Herbs 30 years ago, has been interested in the properties of propolis ever since he started keeping bees at around that time. At Healing Herbs we keep five hives in the Bach Flower Garden at our home in Walterstone and others at Trill Farm – an organic farm in Dorset.

How its made

Bees make the propolis from tree sap. Its exact composition varies according to the location of the colonies. We use our own propolis and honey in the making of our Propolis 5 Flower Cream. Our team at Healingherbs scrape off some the propolis when extracting the honey from the honeycombs. We then use a traditional herbal method to prepare the propolis tincture. We can confirm its efficacy and authenticity.

5 Flower Propolis

5 Flower Propolis Cream combines the propolis with our proven natural cream formula.

Our propolis cream products contain antiseptic and anti-bacteriological properties which combine with the Bach Flower ingredients of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Crab Apple. They make a unique product that protects, moisturises and encourages cell regeneration of the skin.

Our skin is the single largest organ of our body that both separates and integrates us with our daily environment.