An Introduction to Bach Flower Essences

Dr Bach believed that our emotional state was the cause of physical health problems.  He developed 38 flower remedies based around our emotional responses to help support us in our day to day lives. 

Dr Bach grouped these remedies according to personality and emotional responses. 

Healingherbs sell complete Bach flower essence sets which are made up of one bottle of each of the essences along with two bottles of 5 Flower Essence. 


The Twelve Healers

The Twelve Healers are the type essences.  They describe your essential nature or “remedy type” - for example how we behave when ill, what we are like under pressure, what qualities we admire or dislike in others.  Essence descriptions will show you the relationship between your true nature and the core characteristics of the individual essence.   

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The Seven Helpers

The Seven Helpers are the essences to be selected for long term emotional states like hopelessness or lack of direction.  These are the support essences, most often used in combination with a Bach flower from the Twelve Healers.  

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The Second Nineteen

The Second Nineteen are the essences to be selected for emotional responses.  They help us to develop greater inner strength and fortitude and bring out our best qualities.  

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The Seven Emotional Groups

Dr Bach grouped the 38 flower remedies into seven emotional groups based around feelings such as loneliness, despair or uncertainty.  Looking within each group, detailed essence properties will allow you to choose the right essence for your emotional response.    

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Five Flower, Exam and Rest

5 Flower ® Essence is the original combination essence. Dr Bach named this combination “rescue remedy” and it can be used in any kind of emergency or when we need immediate emotional help.  Use it before or after moments of difficulty or any kind of upset.  5 flower® essence is the first point of call in times of change or transformation. 

Exam Essence and Rest Essence are combination essences developed exclusively by Healingherbs Ltd. Use Exam Essence in times of challenge and Rest Essence when you need to relax and unwind.

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