Julian Barnard, the founder of Healingherbs, has written and taught extensively about Bach flower essences. We have re-printed all of Dr Edward Bach’s writings on the subject as well as sharing Julian Barnard’s own research and understanding.

Printed educational material available in several languages.

Bach Flower Essences & The Patterning of Water

Bach Flower Essences & The Patterning of Water

In the process of preparing a Bach flower essence …. Information is written into the water and retained there as a passive force field”

Julian explores how we understand and use the information in this passive force field. He challenges us to expand our thinking and consider new perspectives around the influence of this information on each of us physically, spiritually and emotionally. A global expert on Bach flower essences, Julian draws on 30 years of observation and original research in this fascinating and thought provoking journey of discovery. 69 pages

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Collective Writing Of Edward Bach

Collected Writings of Edward Bach

This thoroughly revised edition includes all of Dr Bach’s published books, articles, papers and lectures about the Bach flower remedies together with his letters, notes and many detailed case histories.

The discovery and development of the Flower Remedies are clearly charted.

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Bach Flower Remedies Book

Essence Within

Richly photographed and designed to be used to recognise and find the plants and learn of their healing properties. An essential companion guide to any Bach Flower field trip.

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Form and Function

Form and Function by Julian Barnard begins the process of explaining why and how the remedies are so effective. It describes how Bach made his discoveries and examines the living qualities of the plants and how the remedies are made.

The result is remarkable. Julian Barnard recounts his observations so that readers can explore the complex way in which the remedy plants grow – their gesture and qualities, ecology, botany and behaviour. It is a ‘trumpet call’ to attend to nature in a new way.

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Guide to Flower Remedies

Guide to the Bach Flower Remedies

Gives practical guidance in everyday language on how the remedies work, the states of mind that they are prescribed for, and how to diagnose.

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Hidden Geometry of Flowers

A Hidden Geometry of Flowers

In this beautiful and original book, renowned thinker and geometrist Keith Critchlow has chosen to focus on an aspect of flowers that has received little attention.

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Postcards set of 40

Postcard Set

Useful in the field to help identify plants and as memory cards for remedy and plant study.

They are also used by practitioners in situations where language skills are limited, say when dealing with children. They have also been used extensively in countries where the plants do not naturally grow and cannot be found nor experienced.

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Brand new poster from Healingherbs that allows you to identify the plants and their use and application using either the 12-7-19 method or the 7 Emotional Groups method.

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The Twelve Healers

The unique opportunity to own a perfect, hand-finished, facsimile of the first book published after Dr Bach completed his discovery of the 38 Bach remedies in 1935.

Often said to be the only book necessary to understand the Bach flower remedies. A collector’s edition, as originally written by the man whose vision introduced flower essences to the world. Includes Bach’s account of the sun and boiling methods of preparation.

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Dr Edward Bach

Edward Bach was born in Moseley, near Birmingham, in 1886 and trained as a doctor in London. For several years he worked investigating the role of bacteriology in chronic disease. His researches led him to recognise that there were clear personality types that related to the various patterns of ill health, irrespective of the physical symptoms being presented by the patient.

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Bach FlowerLearning Programme

A free to use guided learning programme for anyone wanting to study Bach flower essences.

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