Making Quality Flower Essences

Julian has been preparing flower essences for 30 years working only in the optimum conditions to ensure the highest quality of the final essence.Healingherbs essences are made by Julian only when there is unbroken sunshine using flowers that are perfect.Pure water is essential to the making of the essences as is clean air, something which the surrounding area has an abundance of.The integrity of this process is why Healingherbs flower essences are unique.

Dr Edward Bach

Edward Bach was born in Moseley, near Birmingham, in 1886 and trained as a doctor in London. For several years he worked investigating the role of bacteriology in chronic disease. His researches led him to recognise that there were clear personality types that related to the various patterns of ill health, irrespective of the physical symptoms being presented by the patient. Working with vaccine therapy and later with homeopathic remedies, he moved towards the discovery of the flower essences. These he felt could help to harmonise the emotional imbalances that he came to see as the real cause of physical illness.

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We have always believed that self-development and self-knowledge are intrinsic aspects of the process of using Bach flower essences. Our publications are as important to us as making authentic Bach flower essences.

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