Diluting & Preserving

Bach flower essences are diluted and preserved in brandy to create the mother tincture.  Healingherbs uses the highest quality organic brandy from La Tour Vert in France.  

Creating The Mother Essence

The potentised and energised water of the remedy is mixed 50-50 with organic 40% brandy.  This creates the mother tincture.

To create the required 1:400 dilution of an Original Bach Stock Concentrate, two drops of mother tincture are used to prepare a 30ml stock bottle.  This is then filled with the same high quality organic brandy.  

Organic brandy

The organic brandy Healingherbs uses to make remedies is from La Tour Vert's beautiful family run vineyards, made using time honoured techniques.

La Tour Vert

The distillery is the same that has been used by the Pinard family for generations. The white stone walls of La Tour Vert are where the Pinard family has been making 'biologique' brandy since 1969.