The Sun Method

The Twelve Healers and Seven Helpers are made using the sun method.  Perfect flowers are floated on the surface of a bowl of pure spring water and left in unbroken  sunshine to complete their transformation.  

The Sun Method

We only make sun method essences when the sky is perfectly blue without a cloud across the sun.  For Healingherbs this is essential to the integrity and vitality of the essences we produce. 

Fresh spring water is placed into a thin glass bowl.  The flowers are gently placed on the surface and left in uninterrupted sunshine for several hours.  The base of essences made using the sun method are created where the flowers are collected.  Our approach means that you can sense the vitality in the water.

Flowers are chosen when the plant or tree is in full bloom.  We only select healthy specimens of the true species which are growing without interference or hindrance.  Plants growing near roads, power lines or any disruptive activity would not be used.  Artificial or mechanical interference can distort the energies of the essence.  

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