About Bach Flower Essences

Find out more about Dr Edward Bach’s discovery of flower remedies and how Healingherbs make flower essences using his original methods.  

Healingherbs Bach flower essences

A Short History of Dr Edward Bach

Edward Bach was born in Mosely, near Birmingham, in 1886 and trained as a doctor in London.  For several years he investigated the role of bacteriology in chronic disease.  His researches led him to recognise clear personality types that related to various patterns of ill health, regardless of the physical symptoms being presented by the patient.  Working with vaccine therapy and later homeopathic remedies he moved towards the discovery of flower remedies.  He believed these could help to harmonise the emotional imbalances that he came to see as the real cause of physical illness.  

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Making Flower Essences

At Healingherbs we use the original methods of Dr Edward Bach to create authentic and high quality flower essences.  Our flowers, spring water and brandy are sourced with the utmost care to bring you essences of unrivalled quality - looked after at every step of the way by our dedicated and expert team.

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