5 Flower® Propolis Soap

The remedy of emergency to cleanse, smooth, restore and nourish the skin – the single largest ‘organ’ of the body – with the additional benefits of propolis.

It comprises Impatiens, Rock Rose, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum, In combination with the natural properties of propolis and honey the soap leaves a smooth restorative and protective coating of the skin after bathing.

Propolis is the glue that bees make to seal the honeycombs. It help prevent bacteriological and fungal infections.

Bees make the propolis from tree sap. Its exact composition varies according to the location of the colonies. We use our own propolis and honey in the making of our Propolis 5 Flower Soap. Our team at Healingherbs scrape off some the propolis when extracting the honey from the honeycombs. We then use a traditional herbal method to prepare the propolis tincture. This way we can confirm its efficacy and authenticity.

Our Propolis Soap contains both antiseptic and anti-bacteriological properties which combine with the Bach Flower ingredients to make a unique product that protects and moisturises and encourages the skin. 

Our skin is the single largest organ of our body that both separates and integrates us with our daily environment. 


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