When green leaves are red

1 Holly
2 Walnut
3 Aspen
4 Wild Rose
5 Impatiens
6 Impatiens

Strange things to observe in the Bach flowers: sometimes the very young leaves are red and only slowly turn to green. Here you can see some Holly leaves but not on every tree. Walnut always begins this way and Aspen and the young stems of Wild Rose. Do we learn something from the Impatiens here? When in direct sunlight there is a strong red outline in the stems but in the shade it remains green. The red colour is caused by the reflection of the red part of the spectrum – the longer wavelengths. Perhaps the tender young leaves are protected against an excess of light by reflecting the red which we see. Please tell me if you know what this is about. Emails to info@healingherbs.co.uk

A swarm of bees arrive at Healing Herbs

1 Swarm on Gorse
2 Inaccessible
3 in the skep
4 one or two more

Very great excitement when a swarm of bees arrived, just outside our front door. They landed in the Gorse flowers and it took some effort to find the cluster and get it into the skep. This straw basket is used to gather them before they are put into a hive as their new permanent home. It is early in the year and promises honey for us all come August. We will let  you know what happens.

Flower Essence Conference Japan May 2-4

Most Popular_Page_1

The question was asked: which are the most popular Bach essences in different countries? And equally, which of the 38 Bach essences are the least popular? We can’t list every country but it is interesting to see where we find the same names appearing. Most popular suggests that we recognise that emotional state in ourselves and conversely the least popular essences might suggest that we do not recognise that aspect of our nature. Least popular may also indicate that we do not understand the true nature of that essence. Or maybe Water Violets do not think that they need an essence and it is hard to admit to being in a Vine state!

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