Larch trees in winter

1 Larch
2 Larch
3 Swisslarch
4 Swiss larch

In snow-covered alps, Piedmont, Italy. Beautiful images sent by Fabrizio Tommasini (thank you). This is likely to be Bach’s Larix decidua although they are very slender, straight and tall. They can grow to be stout and old as these other images taken in Switzerland show.

Solstice party and Christmas cheer

1 Christmas party
2 Christmas party
3 Christmas Party

Healers Herbers have a lunch together to celebrate another year. As the sun enters Capricorn and the longest night is over we look forward to Spring. Today is cold, wet and windy but brilliant rainbows this morning remind us all of the bright future which beckons. Watch out for the astrology on the morning of January 1st: Something is going to change, that’s for sure.

Bach Flowers Form & Function in Japanese

1 Form & Function Japanese front
2 Form & Function Japanese back

Thanks to the wonderful translation work of Miyoko and the dedication of Glenn and Shinji we have a new book available in Japanese. We hope that you like it and maybe will write a review to tell others about it.

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