Santiago Conference November 22nd

1 Santiago
2 Santiago
3 Santiago

Joined in the conference but never left home! All done by video-conferencing. Not quite the same as being there but I took part and now have the certificate to prove it – here being kindly received on my behalf. This kind of technology really does work wonders.

New Bach flower poster from Healing Herbs

1 Healing Herbs charti
2 Healing Herbs charti
3 Healing Herbs charti

A really different poster with text from Dr Bach and pairs of images of the plants. Size: 320mm x 450mm. Price £4.95 from the shop

So far just in English and Spanish but other versions will be ready soon. Write and tell us if you want it in your language!

At Healing Herbs a time for harvest

1 Carrots
2 Onions
3 Pumpkin
4 one or two more

Essence making is over for this year and we are sharing out the food from our garden. The pumpkins will probably go for Halloween though they are excellent to eat. Looking back at the year there was that swarm of bees – and yes, we also had a good crop of honey.

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