At Healing Herbs a time for harvest

1 Carrots
2 Onions
3 Pumpkin
4 one or two more

Essence making is over for this year and we are sharing out the food from our garden. The pumpkins will probably go for Halloween though they are excellent to eat. Looking back at the year there was that swarm of bees – and yes, we also had a good crop of honey.

Numbering the Parts in Dr Bach’s Beech remedy

1 Beech
2 Beech
3 Beech
4 Beech

The flowering beech has so complex a structure that it is difficult to number. But the seeds make everything clear. We have two seeds in every pod and the pod itself has a clear four-fold geometry. So Beech has numbers of two and four. The seeds themselves are modelled on the tetrahedron so they are three-sided and four-pointed.  Four is traditionally associated with the earth, four cardinal directions, four seasons etc. So what does this say about Beech as a Bach essence? This emotional state is earth-bound and outward looking. Bach says we are critical of others and want to correct imperfections. But it is interesting to note which other essences number in fours: Mustard and Heather.

Three Bach Flower Beauties

1 Heather
2 Gentian
3 Heather
4 Gentian
Rosa taking in the scene

Purple now rules the colours.  Gentian and Heather are the tail end of the essence-making year. Both take me to beautiful locations with breath-taking views. The solitary beauty is amazing. Heather dominates the scene, pushing out other species. Gentian struggles to find a place amidst the grasses and late flowers (euphrasia). ‘Not now rhyme and rhythm, not now joy and song, the growing days are over, the seed to come.’ Oh Yes! The other one is Rosa admiring the scene.

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